Monday, November 23, 2009

Poetry Party: Expanding the Heart in Gratitude

Christine Valters Paintner hosts an almost weekly poetry party at her blog, Abbey of the Arts.  This weeks assignment is about gratitude.  She is also giving away some books.

The rules for this weeks assignment are as follows:

1) write a haiku (or several) that captures the essence of a heart-expanding moment for you, something in the course of ordinary, everyday life
2) make a list of 5 simple, everday things for which you are grateful. 
You are, of course, welcome to write a longer poem as well about the ordinary things which make your heart sing and overflow.
My contribution is a haiku about something that I am grateful for:  moments in my day when I can find time to read.  In particular, Toronto has a great public transit system, so when I have to travel downtown, I usually take the subway.  My haiku:

the train doors open  
pull out my book, find a seat
a reader’s commute

1 comment:

Abbey of the Arts said...

Good public transit literally makes my heart sing so your poem made me smile, I completely understand the gift in this.