Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The purpose of suffering

I am following a new blog, The Shepherd's Call, and this morning the writer ("caedmon") posted a quote from Ronald Rolheiser on pain.  He is a fellow migraineur and his words resonated for me.

Go and read his short post, My Gethsemane.


~m2~ said...

i adore richard rohr - i have his cds entitled "breathing under water," which is a study on the 12 steps.

(i also adore caedmon, whose post i will read now...)

thanks, janet :)

~m2~ said...

oh, jeeeeewhizzzzz.....ronald rolheiser. yikes.

(i have his book "forgotten among the lilies." wonderful read if you haven't done so already...)

Caedmon said...

I adore Richard Rohr, too. I look forward every night to receiving his daily meditation in my inbox. This reminds me I need to listen to the CDs of his I purchased.

This is the first I've read Rolheiser and I'm only far enough into it to know I'm glad it was recommended.