Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tuba conflict

What are the odds?

Michael and I were to head down to Nathan Philips Square to participate in the Holiday Tuba Festival at noon today. He'd been practicing some of the carols over the past few days and we were getting ready to decorate his instrument with garlands.

Yesterday, he brought home a letter from his music teacher saying that Chris Lee, Principal Tubist at the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra would be at the school today to work with the tubists:  from 10 to Noon.

Michael decided to skip the festival to spend some time with Mr. Lee.

(Image courtesy of The Fluter Tutor!)


Sarah said...

That's awesome that he pays the tuba! My husband played the tuba as well :)

(He insisted that I tell you he's actually a world champion tuba player...hehe.)

Janet in Toronto said...

Michael's high school music teacher is also a tuba player, so it's fun all round. He's picking up the bass trombone for jazz band.... He's all about the low notes!