Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My first experience reading a graphic novel

Just finished French Milk by Lucy Knisley, a graphic diary of a 22-year old American art student visiting France with her mother for 5 weeks.  I'd never read a graphic novel before, as I'm sure Archie comics don't count, and it was quite enthralling.  

Most of the novel is set as single page comics, drawn in black and white, with a few black and white photos included.  I was very much enjoyed her simple sketches of the food she ate, the places she visited, her comments on her emotional (and sometimes physical) life, and her love affair with the city.  She documents everything from her visit to Oscar Wilde's grave to the haircuts she and her mom got so that they could go home looking "Frenchy and coiffed".  Lots of drawing of food and cute French boys.

This lovely tome has definitely opened up a whole new genre of reading possibility!

Thanks to the Toronto Public Library for recommending this via Book Buzz (Jan 16, 2010)!


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