Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Some sage advice about life...from a 26 year old.

Wil Wheaton tweeted this Reddit post (are they called "posts" there?) earlier this afternoon and I was struck by how true so much of the advice offered by this 26-year-old woman is.  Maybe all of it, for all I know.  For example:

They didn't lie to you in elementary school, being different is awesome.

In high school and my early twenties I was teased for wearing video game related t-shirts. Now the the same girls who teased me often complain to me over facebook about being suck in generic relationships and "wish they had found something to love the way I love gaming". Also, I recently made a bet that my $15 TMNT purse would get more compliments at a bar than a $900 coach purse. I won.


Having a few close friends is better than a huge group of associates.

I somehow became the cool nerd girl when I moved to my current city. I went to a different party every night of the week. It's so pathetic to admit this, but in a month I went from having around 33 pics of me on facebook to over 300. I felt cool. Then I had an issue I needed to talk to someone about. All of my cool friends were as helpful as paper weights in a hurricane. I went back to my small group of "unpopular" friends. They helped me through my issue and loved me just the same.

Wheaton adds one piece of advice of his own, which you can peruse over at his blog.  It involves "not being a dick", and is good advice to most people under 20, and lots over 20.

Every high school senior should probably read this.

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