Friday, April 16, 2010

Read his blog, and wish him well! #junos

I've blogged before about this fellow, but you really need to listen to me now.  He's started blogging in earnest and his writing is a pleasure to read.

I speak of Rob Teehan, recently nominated for Classical Composition of the Year at the Junos, for his first, ever full orchestral work, Dreams of Flying.  Click on the names of the four other nominees (well, three actually --- one is nominated twice in the category) and then click on Rob's name.  Notice the difference?  Thirty years, maybe?

Tuba was Rob's first musical love, tuba in a classical vein, but he is also a singer and, of course, a composer.  His musical interests have expanded widely, and he now plays in a variety of ensembles, including jazz and rock. Rob became Michael's tuba teacher when his first teacher took a leave of absence.  Michael instantly connected with Rob, and he's been studying with him for almost a year now.  

I encourage anyone studying music, or with children studying music, to read his posts about his musical career to date.  They are very inspiring, and are found here:  Sousaphone:  A Love Story Part 1 and Part 2.  Then read his first Blogging the Junos post, and then the rest.  This young man, not yet thirty, is eking out a life as a full-time musician, teaching, playing, and composing on commission.  He's (obviously) talented, modest, hardworking, as well as a good speaker, writer, and teacher.  

A recent tweet suggests that his parents are stuck in the fog in Halifax, trying to get to St. John's for the dinner and gala, so fingers crossed!  

Best wishes, Rob!  It looks like it's been a great week so far.


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