Monday, June 14, 2010

Canadian Government Surplus online.

There was an item in the paper this morning about this site, and so I had a browse through and it's really interesting.  There's such a range of stuff with some really low minimum bids.  Need a Sony Digital Camcorder?  A bike (or a lot of 18 bikes)?  Seasons 1-12 of Southpark on DVD?  A pair of YSL heels (you have to go to Winnipeg for those)?  Also, watches, vehicles, lots of military clothing, scrap material, industrial kitchen equipment, office furniture.  

I was most interested in the musical instrument category, of which there is nothing currently for sale.  But you can browse sold stuff, and two RS Berkeley 907 tubas went recently for under $1000 each.  At least one of them looks brand new, in a hard case.  Comes with white gloves!  Also available were guitars, pianos, a clarinet and a battered looking trombone.  

The downside of this site is that you typically have to pick your purchases up as shipping is not available.  But for a big ticket item within a few hours drive, it could definitely be worth it.  I plan to keep my eye on this site!

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