Wednesday, July 28, 2010

School Supply Lust: the pencil case

Every year around this time, I have a huge craving to get me some new school supplies.  Yep, I'm 50 and don't need any, but seriously folks, didn't you love shopping for fresh new binders and coloured pencils and stuff this time of year when you were a kid?

I have just been put on to JetPens by the dastardly folks at Cool Tools who bombard my feed reader with very interesting stuff of all types. JetPens is a site devoted to Japanese pens and all manner of school/office supplies.  The pencil cases are the bomb:  just look at this one (above).  It stands up on your desk, like a portable pencil cup.  There's even a storage space for an eraser in the base.  

Here's another good one.  It folls out of a little case and keeps all your pens in their own little pocket:
And here's a trifold wallet-style case:

The Jetpens website is a little slow, but if you're in to this kind of thing, particularly if you like pens (massive collection), it's worth the wait. 

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