Thursday, April 7, 2011

I'm a household hurricane...

Looking forward to seeing my sister and her family tomorrow as they pass by on their way to Southern Ontario.  They'll have dinner and spend the night, so I'm on a mad cleaning and shopping spree.  Having people over is a great reason to get out that vacuum and tackle the dog hair and the popcorn that's fallen between the sofa cushions.  

Sis been recently diagnosed with a gluten issue, so it's also a great chance to try making some corn tortillas for our Mexican supper tomorrow night. Will also be checking out the gluten-free cakes at Dufflet tomorrow morning, and I've found some gluten-free oats to make porridge in the morning. (Yes, I know, oats don't have gluten, but apparently typical crops can contain traces of wheat so these oats are grown and processed to be completely wheat-free.)

Tonight, I descend to the basement to deal with the man-cave, aka, Michael's music and entertainment room.  It is a big mess of instruments, cases, music, empty pop cans, video game boxes and controllers, dirty socks, and possibly dirty dishes. Also, his spit container, for when he does whatever he does with his instruments to release built-up whatever. And dust. We need to turn it into a serene sleeping space.  We have one other bedroom down there that just needs a vac and dust.  

So, I'm off to Costco, Loblaws, and the hardware store.  This'll probably be it for blogging today!

[Cute pic courtesy of the Graphics Fairy!]

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