Saturday, August 27, 2011

Get Lost Wasp! A humane approach to wasp-free living.


We've been enjoying life on our deck this summer, but the wasps have been terrible. I was mentioning this to my Aunt Lillian and she told me that she'd seen a product in a nature store that was supposed to be a natural wasp repellant.

Well, my man and I were wandering through Canadian Tire today and spotted it. It's called "Get Lost Wasp" and is essentially a faux wasp nest in the form of a paper lantern sans light bulb. You hang it 6-8' high and apparently, being territorial creatures, wasps will clear out once they spot it. I hung one from a tree branch close to the deck.

So far, so good, but the real test will be having a meal out here. I'll keep you posted.

[No wasps were killed in the clearing of my deck.]

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Karen said...

we have one of these hanging on deck at cottage and it works!!! Aunt hung a homemade one in another place at cottage - -guess what she used?! A brown paper bag blown up and hung.....looks like wasp nest and works too!!! Ta-daa!